Dealing with Anxiety Part 2: Memento Mori

Memento mori is a Latin phrase which means “Remember You Must Die”. In stoicism it’s about reflecting about your own mortality on a daily basis. If you have full understanding that death is part of life you can build of relationship which results to not being afraid of it. 

A lot of our anxiety is deeply rooted to our own mortality. A simple health issue might result to a chain of negative thoughts which at worst cultivates the idea of death. As a result we live our life imprisoned with our own anxiety. The problem is that anxiety affects our ability of fully enjoying being at the moment. You are eating your favorite meal but not savoring it because you’re thinking about not studying enough for an exam an hour later and you might fail. You are having a good time with friends but not fully immerse at the moment because you are constantly worrying about an underlying health issue.

The idea of reflecting about your mortality is simply that if you understand that you can die tomorrow, next week, etc, all those anxieties will  fade out and you will live each day of your live cherishing every moment.

“Memento Mori – Reflect Everyday About Your Own Mortality. Death is Part of Life and you should welcome it arrives now, tomorrow, or next week.”

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