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10 Stoicism Videos to Start Your Day Right!

               It is okay to have bad days. We all have at some point feel like we don’t have the motivation to do daunting tasks ahead of us. There so many factors to our body’s conditioning that although we have prepared ourselves the night before we still feel like we have less energy for the day’s work. What works sometimes is to watch motivational videos. Here are some of the best stoicism videos to boost your mood for the day. I have bookmark this page so I can go back through this list whenever I needed some mood booster. 

1. Gladiator – Now We Are Free (55 M Views)

          Arguably one of the greatest movies of all time, Gladiator is a movie about resiliency and tranquility in the face of adversity. While the main protagonist of the movie is the General Maximus Decimus Meridius, it also features the Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius. There were a lot of excerpts taken from Marcus Aurelius’ personal diary the Meditations that were incorporated in the movie. One such line is when Maximum teased Commodus who killed his own father with the line, “Are you the one man that said, ‘Death smiles at us all, all the man can do is smile back.’ ” Meditations is one of the most influential books in Stoicism ever written.

2. Philosophy – The Stoics by School of Life (2.3 M views)

          This is a 5 minutes introduction about Stoicism by the School of Life. It highlights how the philosophy can help us when experiencing anxiety and anger. 


3. Gladiator Soundtrack – Indigo Choir (33M views)

          Indigo is a choir group from Lituana. I think this is the best cover of the Gladiator soundtrack – Now We are Free. It’s a guaranteed mood booster.

4. Boethius Consolation of Philosophy by School of Life (351 k views)

         The Consolation of Philosophy is a philosophical work written by the Roman statesman Boethius. His promising career was turned upside down when he was charged with an alleged crime of treason by then the King Theodoric the Great. At the prison, he finds consolation in Stoic philosophy  about fortitude and fleeing fortune.


5. Gladiator – Heart of Courage by Two Steps from Hell (420k views)

          A great music video cover with the soundtrack Heart of Courage by Two Steps from Hell, an American production company that focuses predominantly on music and trailer music.

6. Why Stoicism Matters by The School of Life (1.1 M views)

          This film about Stoicism  by The School of Life focuses on the work of Seneca particularly the letters he sent to Lucilius and Marcia. The video highlighted the Stoic view on pricing in worse case scenarios, accepting fate, and taking courage.


7. The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci (5.2 M views)

          An animated video of the Ted-Ed talk of Massimo Pigliucci, Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York. It is a short introduction to Stoicism starting from the story of its founding by Zeno of Citium and ended with the philosophy’s influence in today’s Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

8. BE UNSHAKEABLE – Ultimate Stoic Quotes Compilation by RedFrost Motivation (1.3M views)

          Probably the best compilation of quotes from three of the most important Stoics, Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. The quality of the voice narration is superb and adds more strength to the quotes.


9. Gladiator Barbarian Horde Battle Scene (3.8M views)

          Arguably the best fighting scene in the movie gladiator. General Maximus and the other gladiators were at a total disadvantage in terms of numbers and weapons by the Barbarian Horde. With teamwork and grit, the gladiators were able to win.

10. Stoicism & The Art of Not Caring by Pursuit of Wonder (4.5M views)

          In another introduction to Stoicism, the film explains why Stoicism stands the test of time and how the philosophy is even more relevant today. It briefly mentions the great leaders in the past that took consolation to the philosophy of Stoicism in some of the hardest challenges in their lives.

I hope you find value in this video list. Do you have a favorite Stoicism video that is not on the list? Please share it in the comment section below.

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