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The Stoics classify three things as good, bad, and indifferent.

The only thing that stoics classify as good is virtues. The four cardinal virtues of the stoics are wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. Just like any other philosophies, the stoics believe that virtues are enough to live a happy life. The opposite of virtues are vices which the stoics are classified as bad.

The opposite of wisdom is folly, courage – cowardice, temperance – indulgence and justice, and justice – unfairness. One will live a chaotic and tumultuous life if he chooses vices at the center of his life.

Things stoics do not necessarily classify as good or bad are called indifference. These external things such as wealth, money, and power and events such as death and calamities. What matters is your attitude towards them. Power in itself is not bad or good but if you abuse it to for your selfish goals then it becomes bad. Death in itself is also not bad especially if you face it courage.