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INTRODUCTION (The 3 Important Stoic Frameworks)

I. Living in accordance with Nature (Fundamental)         

II. Stoic Virtues & How They View Vices ( Good, Bad, Indifferent)
         1) Stoic Virtues
              a. Temperance
              b. Courage
              c. Wisdom
              d. Justice

        2) Vices
             Indulgence, Cowardice, Folly, Injustice

        3) The Indifferent

III. Stoics Way of Life (Navigating Complexities of Life)
          1. The Power to Change Perception
          2. Dichotomy of Control
          3.Rationality: Seeing This What They Truly Are
          4. Memento Mori (Reflect On Your Death)
          5. Premeditatio Malorum
          6. Meditation (Be Mindful, Value The Present)
          7. Amor Fati (Love Your Fate)
          8. Turns Obstacle into Opportunity 
          9. The Good, Bad, and Indifferent
         10. Shortness of Life, Thinking the Big Picture


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