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         Courage is the ability to face danger or any challenging situation. We are living a life way better than the ancient world thousands of years ago. We have a better health care system, infrastructure, and better form of government where laws provide order not only within the country but also between countries. In the old world, countries face non-stop threat from neighboring countries where invasion normally means citizens will be sold to the invading countries. Therefore, the only option is to learn the habit of facing one’s fears.

Top Quotes About Courage From The Ancient Stoics

1. “If I am tortured, but bear it bravely, all is well; if I die, but die bravely, it is also well.” Letters from a Stoic

2. “Why should I not regard this as desirable – not because the fire, burns me, but because it does not overcome me. Nothing is more excellent or more beautiful than virtue; whatever we do obedience to her orders is both good and desirable. “Letters from a Stoic

3. “For life, if courage to die be lacking, is slavery” Letters from a Stoic 

4. “To be like the rock that the waves keep crashing over. It stands unmoved and the raging of the sea falls still around it.” Meditations 

5. “So remember this principle when something threatens to cause you pain: the thing itself was no misfortune at all; to endure it and prevail is great good fortune.” Meditations