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Rationality: Seeing Things What They Truly Are

Rationality simply means to base everything – judgment, perception, action, etc. – on reason. The Stoics believe that the “logos” exist in our reason and therefore regard it as some divine power. It’s the only thing we can control and if we put our energy into it rather than things that outside ourselves, we will live a much better life. They constantly remind us to see things and events for what they truly are and…

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The Stoic’s Dichotomy of Control

The dichotomy of control which is probably the most popular practice among the stoics stems from a deep belief that “logos” operates in sort of two categories: individuals and cosmos (universe).  In individuals, it exists in our faculty of reason. “Logos” is responsible for the order and coherence with which it operates and stoics teachings said that if we use reason, our rationality, we will conduct ourselves in harmony in such that in a way…

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The Power to Change Perception

[View Handbook]  For the Stoics, the only thing that we have complete control over is our thoughts. It’s normal that we are constantly bombarded with perceptions because our brain is designed by nature to scan everything that we sense in the external world. This so-called “flight-or-fight” response is the same instinct we share with other animals that Mother Nature designed for our own survival. For example, if somebody tries to say something that would endanger…

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Stoics Way of Life

[Back to Handbook] Ancient stoics use different type of techniques to deal with complexities of life that conforms to their main philosophy of living in accordance with nature and living a life of virtue. These techniques revolves around a theme of achieving  inner peace, enduring pain, preparing setbacks, dealing with anxiety and putting your life on control all of which points  to ultimate goal of the highest good which is to be happy.  This handbook…

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What Stoicism says about temperance

[View Handbook] Temperance basically means moderation or self-control. The emperor Marcus Aurelius countlessly reminded himself not to be compulsive in his book "The Meditations". He always said that what sets us, humans apart from animals is our ability to control our impulses. Animals are slaves to their senses and desires and he warns about external temptations that could potentially enslave us with our senses. In the modern age, drugs, alcohol and other forms of indulgence…

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