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Why Philosophy?

Every element in the universe follows a sense of order from atoms and molecules to the rotation of heavenly bodies in galaxy. Dimitri Mendeleev realized that elements behaves in an “orderly” way so he arrange them into periodic table so that elements that have the same properties are grouped in the same column. Isaac Newton develop the three laws of motion to describe how objects behave under the influence of external force acting upon them. Any part of the physical world and nature, there is always some law that governs how they behave. 

In society there are also laws to ensure order among the citizens.  Any violators to the law are regarded as “peace-breaker” and are penalized according to the law. 

No entity cannot sustain its existence without laws of order. Even as individuals we need some order to govern ourselves. If we didn’t have a way of living orderly it will result to us living in limbo. When we don’t have system of beliefs we cling to ourselves we lost control of our lives.  You heard stories about people who became drug addicts, alcoholics etc. on how they lost control of themselves and find comfort in religion; that turning themselves back to Jesus/Allah/God put order in their lives and help them achieve them peace back again. 

But what makes people turn to religion after having to deal with the most hiatus moment of their lives? Well, religion is a form of philosophy – a set of guidelines on how people should live a good life. Think of as laws in nature or society that we set to ourselves so we could live harmoniously. That’s why it’s important to adopt a philosophy otherwise we will see ourselves from time to time out of order whenever we deal with the complexities of life. 

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